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Peak Performance Intro Kit - Product Image
Peak Performance Intro Kit

This kit is absolutely the BEST of the BEST. You will receive a 6 week supply of our day and night time herbs, plus two of our most popular products, our amazing Carbo Block and Fat Stabilizer!!! You simply take the Carbo Block and Fat Stabilizer before you eat and it will absorb and eliminate a percentage of the fat and carbohydrates from the food. The Simply Weight Loss Peak Performance Kit will help you receive MAXIMUM RESULTS!!
Price: $475.00 

Intro Kit - Product Image
Intro Kit

This kit is an introductory kit to the Carbo Block and Fat Stabilizer. Includes everything in our Peak Performance Intro Kit. The Carbo Block and Fat Stabilizer will not last the entire 6 week program if you use it as recommended.
Price: $350.00 

Starter Kit - Product Image
Starter Kit

Price: $225.00 

6 Week Herbs - Product Image
6 Week Herbs

6 Week Supply of Day Time and Night Time Herbal Formulas
Price: $205.00 

Small Bundle - Product Image
Small Bundle

3 Carbo Blocks 1 Lg. Fat Stabilizer VALUED AT $445.00 Sales Price - $419.00 SAVINGS OF - $26.00
Price: $419.00 

Medium Bundle - Product Image
Medium Bundle

6 Carbo Block 2 Lg. Stabilizer VALUED AT $890.00 Sales Price - $779.00 SAVINGS OF - $111.00
Price: $779.00 

Essential Fatty Acids - Product Image
Essential Fatty Acids

Acturally accelerates weight loss! - Eliminates the body's need to store fat - Prevents any problem with skin, nails and hair usually associated with weight loss - Prevents constipation - Aids in reducing cellulite - Essential for a completely effective weight loss program
Price: $30.00 

Carbo Block - Product Image
Carbo Block

The Carbo Block will help absorb and eliminate up to 150 grams of Carbs you eat! So if you love your Carbos this is a must.
Price: $95.00 

Fat Stabilizer - Product Image
Fat Stabilizer

The Fat Stabilizer helps inhibits fat absorption. Each all natural caplet actually absorbs up to 6 grams of fat! Recommended for people who eat out or still want to enjoy higher fat foods.
Price: $0.00 
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Cocoa Supreme - Product Image
Cocoa Supreme

7 Drinks per box.
Price: $19.00 

Protein Shake - Product Image
Protein Shake

7 Shakes per box.
Price: $19.00 

Protein Bars - Product Image
Protein Bars

15 grams of protein per bar. 7 bars per box.
Price: $19.00 

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